Každému, kdo tě prosí, dej a od toho, kdo si bere tvé věci, je nežádej zpět. Chovejte se k lidem tak, jak chcete, aby se oni chovali k vám. (Lukáš 6:30–31)
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Bible21 is a contemporray translation of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Scriptures into modern-day Czech language. Avoiding literalism on the one hand and a free paraphrase on the other, it strives to communicate clearly, yet faithfully both the meaning and the literary style of biblical writings. A team of evangelical translators and linguists led by Alexander Flek has worked on this version for 15 years. Since 2009 when it was first published, Bible21 became widely popular among the Czech churches and the general public.

Video mapping our beginnings: